Global Economic Recovery Showing a Twilight of Taiwan’s Exports

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Global Economic Recovery Showing a Twilight of Taiwan’s Exports

2013-04-19 16:51 TFPMA

Last year's global stagnation led the global economic and trade in wait times for a twilight of hope between recovery and recession.

Trade stagnation between continents had been lasting for one year. Taiwan's exports account for 70% of GDP, which is obviously unfavorable to overall economic performance under the impact of weak demand. Fortunately, Taiwan's exports during last November and December saw slight growth and gradually emerged from recession haze. Transforming gradually into the market of the world, Mainland China plans to make progress in stableness this year along with two key policy directions of "reducing capacity and increasing domestic demand." China is Taiwan's largest export market, and thus, China's efforts to become a consumption-oriented society will be a significant opportunity for Taiwan's popular consumer goods such as agricultural products, processed food, machinery, and electrical equipment.


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