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Taiwan Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers' Association (TFPMA) provides complete information about Taiwan food & pharmacy machines and whole-plant equipment to the buyers all over the world.

Chairman's msg

With the growth and decline of the global economy, Eastern Europe and Asia has gradually played a role more important than Western Europe in global economy. Even South America Pacific League composed of several Latin countries, its economic strength can’t be ignored.

In recent years, ASEAN has a rapid economic development and became the world's largest economy by signing a FTA with the United States and completing the regional integration with China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, India (RCEP). In contrast, our relevant agreements have stalled, which could cause a big crisis of marginalization and a damage in food machinery industry.

Facing the tough global economic environment, our food machine manufacturers should work together to expand emerging market and continuously focus on innovation, research and development. Most emerging markets have abundant raw materials, stable politics, large population, high foreign investment and higher proportion of middle class. If you have patient, develop products with local needs according to local market characteristics and find a right local agent, u could still make a great success in local market one day.

Our industry with many years of export experience has a complete supply chain and customization capabilities, but also a perfect immediate service network and products at reasonable prices. I believe that if you find out your company’s advantage and strengthen the team work capability, your products could still remain competitive in the global market. Most importantly, continuous innovation and development, talent cultivation, the effective integration of resources between Taiwan and China, as well as significantly development of our international market , are the main work that we must to do and to strengthen.

There are many business opportunities in global food machine industry. Taiwan Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers’ Assn. (TFPMA) regularly assists members in strengthening internet marketing by keyword and organizes members in group to take part in overseas exhibitions with the resources of our government for many years, hoping to promote the Taiwanese brands and products to the world!


C. T. Wang
Chairman of TFPMA


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