Taiwan Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers' Association (TFPMA) provides complete information about Taiwan food & pharmacy machines and whole-plant equipment to the buyers all over the world.


Various Services

Assist the members in marketing promotion

Member product exhibition center is formulated at the export trade market of "Taipei World Trade Center", to accept consultation service.

It jointly holds FOODTECH TAIPEI with TAIRA, as the position of industry association, to integrate its member manufacturers in exhibition, and update the "General Guide of Taiwan Food and Pharmacy Machinery" every year, to strive for more trade chances for its members.

Through coordination with domestic / overseas specialized exhibitions holding units, to solicit welfare and upgrade exhibition effects for its members in participation in exhibitions, and the Association also participates in exhibition, to facilitate the buyers in finding business targets.

To set up "food machinery", "pharmacy machinery", "food (pharmacy) packaging machinery", etc. databases, to facilitate the buyers in inquiry, assisting member manufactures of seek for cooperation chances and under guidance of Medium and Small Business Administration MOEA, set up web site of the industry. (

It applies for the plant marketing promotion of overseas market guidance project of the manufacturers of the industry attribute to guidance project of the manufacturers of the industry attribute to MOEA in accordance with regulations, such as undertaking the guidance in conducting trade promotion business, etc. under Board of Foreign Trade, etc.

To actualize government upgrading guidance policy, assist fellow trades in product innovation

To engage in contact with the government and its related juridical persons concerning the specialized machinery scope, to make good use of the government resources, and actualize industry upgrading.

To strive for the machinery technical upgrading guidance and statistic investigation project subsidies conducted by the government concerning this industry.

To assist the member manufacturers to solve the problem of insufficient manpower and comply with the government in manpower cultivation & training schemes.

To undertake the government initiated specialized talent cultivation seminar or industry guidance project seminar.

Promote mutual assistance and cooperation among fellow traders and to march towards the international market by strategic alliance.

Various specialized committees are set up in accordance with need, to facilitate the specialized suppliers to engage in close communication and coordination, and set up friendship, to form strategic alliance naturally and increase cooperation opportunity.

To assist members to engage in Turn-key equipment export.

To assist member manufacturers in domestic/overseas investment, trade trouble solution, etc.

To promote international exchange.

Issue and distribute member manufacturer's bidding and price competition certificate, to participate in bid and price competition of the government and related sectors.

In accordance with Article 13, Taiwan Industry Group Code, and plant engaging in food machinery, pharmacy machinery and its parts/components, shall participate in the Association as members, attempting to unify the group force, to engage in industry innovation and promotion, to solicit common welfare.


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