2018 Taipei International 5-in-1 Food Show Breaks Records of Scale

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2018 Taipei International 5-in-1 Food Show Breaks Records of Scale

2018-06-30 10:00 TFPMA

The Taipei International 5-in-1 Food Show is a combination of Food Taipei, Foodtech & Pharmatech Taipei, Taipei Pack, Taiwan Horeca and Halal Taiwan. The event is the largest of its kind on the island and a strong indicator of internationalization. It is set to take place today (June 27), and much fanfare can be expected in Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 and Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 in the four days that follow. With a total of 1,628 exhibitors and 4,059 booths, this year's event is the largest ever.

Food Taipei International is the most internationalized exhibition in Taiwan. 34 national pavilions and 514 booths from international exhibitors are available this year, with 37 participating countries and 482 companies in total. One-third of the exhibition are International companies, which contributes to the spectacular display of diverse food culture. The exhibition features products such as Jamón Ibérico from Spain, Inca nut oil from Peru, wheat beer from Germany, quality pork from the Netherlands, coffee, honey and seafood from Central America. More than a display of specialty foods, it is also an ideal platform for building friendships across the world.

The first “Bubble Tea Shake Robot” in Taiwan will debut this year. A bar with robotic arms is set up to shake and offer bubble tea samples to visitors. This is an example of smart upgrade in the bubble tea industry. The first Taiwan Bubble Tea Pavilion will present the six major industry areas: tea leaves, materials, packaging and containers, food machinery, franchising, chained brands. All levels of the industry chain layout are covered, expanding the competitive advantage of our unique bubble tea industry.

To help create halal business opportunities for Taiwanese companies and a Muslim-friendly environment on the island, this year's Halal Taiwan has set up the first-ever “Taiwan Halal Pavilion”. The display includes sections on halal-certified food for specific health uses (FOSHU), general foods and household goods. Among this year's exhibitors are delegates from five countries that have been covered in the New Southbound Policy: Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The 2nd Myanmar Product Show is also set to take place concurrently with Taipei International 5-in-1 Food Show in Section H of TWTC Hall 1. Special agricultural food products, creative ethnic handicrafts, jade and gemstones from Myanmar will be on display. Products are available for sale from the first day of the exhibition, and visitors are welcome to attend.

The Smart Machinery Competition will be held during Foodtech & Pharmatech Taipei, where exhibitors in line with productivity 4.0 and smart manufacturing are chosen by industry experts. The criteria include smart software value-adding, robotics and automated surroundings. International buyers will see Taiwan"s solid foundation in smart manufacturing and production. Most of Southeast Asia are emerging economies with large populations, which is ideal for food processing of all kinds and packaging machinery industry development. Taiwanese companies have an edge in geographical proximity, low transportation costs, and customization. The region is therefore an important overseas market for business expansion.

Taiwan HORECA had created a procurement wave for domestic hotels, as well as food and beverage, baking and catering companies. This year it is bigger than ever, with a record 690 booths. The equipment section features several well-known companies such as DKSH, Asia Great Land, Fancy, Freser and O'right. Products range from hotel catering equipment to security control systems.

The exhibition offers a variety of activities on its premises, setting up the best exchange and trading platform for buyers and exhibitors alike. The Food Sourcing in Taiwan 2018 and 5-in-1 Food Taipei Expo Procurement Meeting 2018 will take place on the first and second day of the exhibition, with 80 influential foreign buyers in attendance. The stage section in Nangang Exhibition Hall will host New Product Launch and other daily activities, with food products from countries such as Paraguay, Peru, and Japan. In addition, various professional seminars and forums will be held in order to provide the latest industry trends and market information.

Taipei International 5-in-1 Food Show is undoubtedly the best international selling platform for Taiwan's food products, agricultural and fishing industries, food machinery and packaging equipment as well as catering equipment. It is also the first choice for company procurement and new product search. It is the can't-miss annual event in the food industry.

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