<Import Values of Taiwan Food Machinery in 2015>

2016-06-07 10:00 TFPMA
Import Values of Taiwan Food Machinery in 2015
Unit: USD 
CCC_CODEDescription of Goods2014 Jan-Dec2015 Jan-DecChange (%)
841720Bakery ovens, including biscuit ovens1,674,1121,651,434-1.355
84186920Ice making machines5,736,0436,278,6009.459
84186941Cold drink machinery1,646,1511,585,697-3.672
84186942Ice cream machinery24,815,5553,776,034-84.784
841981For making hot drinks or for cooking or heating food36,839,65238,991,3365.841
842111Cream separators12,90814,45712.000
842230Machinery for filling, closing, sealing, or labellingbottles, cans, boxes, bags or other containers; machinery for capsuling bottles, jars, tubes and similar containers; machinery for aerating beverage44,830,51227,984,434-37.577
84224010Aseptic vacuum packing machines for liquid foods000
843410Milking machines406,946902,523121.780
843420Dairy machinery596,850451,394-24.371
84351010Presses, crushers and similar machinery for wine-making56,33169,00422.497
84381010Bakery machinery10,111,05615,561,65253.907
84381020Machinery for the manufacture of macaroni, spaghetti or similar products3,448,5894,919,77642.661
843820Machinery for the manufacture of confectionery, cocoa or chocolate742,7381,618,313117.885
843830Machinery for sugar manufacture65,39610,030-84.663
843840Brewery machinery1,241,8452,403,17593.517
843850Machinery for the preparation of meat or poultry11,606,95319,076,93764.358
843860Machinery for the preparation of fruits, nuts or vegetables645,9901,193,95484.825
843880Other machinery35,494,89920,220,681-43.032
847920Machinery for the extraction or preparation of animal or fixed vegetable fats or oils148,3224,822,4603151.345
847982Mixing, kneading, crushing, grinding, screening, sifting, homogenising, emulsifying or stirring machines43,077,74539,313,777-8.738
 Total Amount 223,198,593190,845,668-14.495
SourceThe Bureau of Foreign Trade


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