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Welcome to Taiwan Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers' Association

Brief Introduction


The Association, based on Article 1 of Industrial Group Code, attempts to "coordinate the fellow trader (food machinery industry, pharmacy machinery industry and its parts/components manufacturer) connection, to improve common interest and plan for innovation and promotion of the industry, to promote economic development".

History and Operation

Food machinery is the foundation of food industry development, pharmacy machinery is the foundation of pharmacy industry development, which respectively are in cause-effect connection with food, pharmacy processing technology; i.e., all including the necessary tools for raw material treatment, processing, final product packaging process, etc. Our industry is not only playing the role of technological think-tank, as well as providing equipments concerning modernization of agriculture, food & beverage quality, small-capital investment for starting enterprise, and food and pharmaceuticals overseas investment.

The Association, since the initiation of a fellow trader Mr. Lin Chen-Fa in 1990, and Mr. Chen Sheng-Ti in charge of promotion, first established a social group of "Chinese Food machinery Development an Promotion Club" on July 15, 1993. Soon, it was removed to Room 3C18 outside of Taipei World Trade Center Export Trade Market, and bearing the initial intent of its foundation, continuously apply to the government to organize an association. Through agreement and recommendation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the industry attribute should be "food and pharmacy machinery industry". At last, on April 7, 1995, the "general assembly of re-organization formulation" was convened, to elect its President Mr. Lai Ming-Tao for the first tenure, with board of directors and supervisors, and recruit such routine association working personnel as Mr. Chen Sheng-Ti as the chief of general staffs, etc., to complete organization procedure for formal registration, as the only legal manufactures' group in "food machinery" and pharmacy machinery" of Taiwan.

After the Association was established in accordance with laws, based on the existing unification and harmony, friendship basis of the fellow traders through mutual cooperation, the diversified resources of the government and manufactures have been concentrated, to assist its member manufactures to comply with operation environment, and assist its member manufacturers to upgrade product competitiveness and develop domestic/overseas market; that is, to base on "integration of industry, service of industry and development of industry" as the work guidelines, and set up exhibition center in the export market of Taipei World Trade Center.

The Association convened its first member representative general assembly of the 2nd tenure in Spring 1998, elected Mr. Shin Sung-Lin as the president of the 2nd tenure, and board directors and supervisors, to continuously provide service to its members, substantially hold friendly association activity and other activities for members in operation, and comply with the export promotion schemes of the Board of Foreign Trade to go to Shanghai for promotion, concentrate member unification to form strategic alliance of the same industry naturally, increase business opportunity, promote upgrading of operation quality, and actualize the government guidance policy.

For the general trend of e-commerce, our organiza-tion cstnblished an "industry databasc from 2000 year" guided from the Small and Medtum Enterprise Adrninistration, MOEA, to Provide intormation serveces for the menbers, and in tavor of the inquiry in the related industry and purehase the machines and euipments fiom our colleagucs.

Along with the industrual deveioprncnt, our colleagues working abroad gradually and still on the same project. Besides data collccring, our organization also helps the members via internt to manage busmess abroad. And this is the new trend.


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